Link 19 Apr Exercises that Shape up Saddlebag Thighs»
Exercises that Shape up Saddlebag Thighs

In the same way that you can’t choose where on your body you put on weight, you can’t focus on a just one part of your body for weight reduction as well. Let’s put it this way, you cannot spot reduce.

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Link 19 Apr Make Your Own Protein Bars»
Make Your Own Protein Bars

Protein bars have always been popular among dieters and body builders looking to improve the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates and fats they consume in order to reduce body fat and build lean muscle.

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Link 19 Apr Are You Getting Enough Protein?»
Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Are you suffering from fatigue and low energy? Energy comes in the form of food, and if you consume a poor diet that lacks important vitamins.

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Link 19 Apr Plank + Leg Jacks (in-out) Exercise»
Plank + Leg Jacks (in-out) Exercise

Plank Leg jacks exercise is a Plyometric workout that needs to be done carefully as it includes quick and powerful movements.

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Link 19 Apr Zumba As A Solution To Thigh FAT!!!!»
Zumba As A Solution To Thigh  FAT!!!!

Zumba is a fitness program inspired by Latin dances. It combines aerobics with several Latin dances to allow participants to burn calories and to just be fit. It was founded by Alberto “Beto” Perez in Columbia. His unique fitness program combines a variety of dances, namely; hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves.

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Link 19 Apr Apple Bread Pudding Recipe»
Apple Bread Pudding Recipe

My family loves this astounding Bread Pudding Recipe. This is one of the old fashioned dessert recipe found in old cook books but still people love to have this on different occasions.

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Link 19 Apr Easy Ways to Reduce your Salt Intake»
Easy Ways to Reduce your Salt Intake

We all devour sodium every single day, and that’s no doubt a good thing! Our bodies do require sodium intake to help maintaining water and mineral balances and blood volume. But as they say too much of a good thing (sodium in this case obviously) may have off-putting effects on your health, such as an increased risk for high blood pressure (ultimately contributes to heart disease and stroke).

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Link 19 Apr Apricot Bread Recipe»
Apricot Bread Recipe

Orange flavored apricot bread that is just the right amount of sweet! A delicious, and flavorful treat on a holiday breakfast. This Apricot Bread Recipe is nutritious and wholesome for your kids and family.

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Link 19 Apr Your Essential Pilates Workout for Abs and Butt»
Your Essential Pilates Workout for Abs and Butt

Pilates Abs and Butt workout focuses on, one, core work; second, targets your abs and butt. As you already know Pilates comes loaded with benefits, to name a few, improved flexibility, lean and tone body muscles, stronger core and stress reliever.

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Link 19 Apr Cardio Workouts for Speed and Endurance»
Cardio Workouts for Speed and Endurance

Athletes and fitness fanatics require speed and endurance to improve their workout experience. Cardio endurance and speed enables an individual to work out for a longer time at a steady rate. This would enable you to burn more fats than you normally can, which means faster weight loss. The blood vessels and respiratory system provides more oxygen to the body when an individual work on these exercises. There are some easy Cardio workouts that can help to enhance the endurance and speed! However, the cardio workout has to be designed in a way that it would increase both the speed and endurance. Hence, we have come up with some types of workout.

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